Saturday 24/10 | KomiksFEST!


24. 10., MeetFactory, Ke Sklárně 15 (vstup 50,–) 

Children’s KomiksFEST! with the publishing house ALBATROS

(10 am—1 pm)

We all know that Fear has a thousand eyes! Small and big visitors of the workshop will get to know the characters of the comics series Zelený vlk (Green wolf) and will look closely at their own fear while creating a mask (Karel Jerie). In the workshop The Mystery of the House of Jan Hus you will be able to make your own comics story about Jan Hus; you will find out where he came from, how he played up at school and what worried him during his stay at Kozí hrádek (Klára and Honza Smolíkovi). The castle Brada is haunted! You can learn to recognise ghosts with Bertík and Bibi and join them on their adventure to the dungeon. Or you can cut out some cutouts with Kája and Filip (Tomáš Chlud). Do you want more than just a pencil and paper? In this case, make your own original 3D comics with a legendary motorcyclist Doctor Racek (Seagull) (Lukáš Urbánek), make some finger puppets full of moods with Radush and Johy, or try some digital sketching (Wacom). Following a tradition, you can draw a comics badge and win a lot of interesting books.

Comics Saturday—The Main Program

Big Hall (3 pm—midnight)

15.00 Současná italská komiksová scéna
Beseda s Marikou Dalloco, Marco Turinim a Fabio Celonim

3 pm Contemporary Italian comics scene
a discussion with Marika Dalloco, Marco Turini and Fabio Celoni

3.30 pm Belgian comics—a big success for a small country
a discussion with Willem Degraeve

4.30 pm Activity Book for Massaging Imagination
a discussion with the author of the book Catarina Gomes and Ludmila Favardin (edition lidu)

5 pm The Sorrowful Putto of Prague
a discussion with James Stafford

6 pm Joakim Pirinen
a discussion with this Swedish artist hosted by Martin Severýn

7 pm The publishing house Centrala expands to England
a discussion between the Polish publisher Michal Słomky and his guest Lene Ask

7.30 pm Nikkarin: the launch ceremony of the third volume of the comics saga 130

7.45 pm Karel Jerie: the launch ceremony of the second volume of the comics Candide

8 pm Handing over of the Muriel prize and the ARNAL award 2015

R.A.W. Art Wrestling, an art exhibition duel, will take place during the evening programme, as well as the launch ceremony of the limited yoyo edition NEST 2 accompanied by a yoyo performance. You can also see a short animated film by Mark Berger called Pérák (2015), music by DJ Jana Kománková.

+ Exhibition 15 000 years of Sameness by Dan Perjovschi and Matěj Smetana
+ Benefit exhibition of original drawings and prints by comics artists in support of refugees
+ Presentation of tablets and other gadgets for artists—Wacom
+ Publishers’ stalls, presentation of new books, T-shirts, badges

Theatre Hall—multimedia section

(11 am–2.30 pm)

11 am Bizzare!
projection of game trailers for the thick-skinned, entry on an empty stomach

12.30 pm Presentation of the game Dark Train
Vojtěch Vaněk—Paperash Studio, CZ

1.15 pm Presentation of the game Rememoried
Vladimír Kudělka, CZ

2 pm NANITS Chronicles
presentation of the project (Robert Kaločai, CZ)

Theatre Hall—afternoon program

(3 pm—10 pm)

3 pm Bohouš and Dáša change the world (Člověk v tísni)
workshop and an award ceremony of a national school competition

4 pm Bublifuk—revue full of comics
a playful presentation of a new project by the publishing house Triton

4.30 pm Čtyřlístek presents Tryskošnek
a launch and discussion with Dan Černý and Vojtěch Čepelák

5 pm Květa the custodian from a gallery to a book
a discussion with Františka Lachmanová and Tomáš Končinský

5.30 pm XEROX MAG
the comics magazine will be presented by Josef Sedlák and Tomáš Staněk

6 pm Děsivé radosti
a discussion with Michael Suchánek about the adaptation of Ondřej Neff’s short stories (hosted by Petr Litoš from the publishing house Crew)

6.30 pm Photoman!
a presentation of the first audio-visual photo-comics by Dereck Hard

7 pm How to translate (not only Swedish) comics
a discussion with translators from the Swedish language about comics and graphic novels

8 pm The Invisibles: new Czechoslovak comics
a discussion with the authors of the exhibition Generation 2.0

9.30 pm Seth´s Dominion
a projection of this Canadian feature film will be run by Lucie Lomová