KomiksFEST! is an international multimedia festival created in 2006 when its aim was to bring Czech comics from the underground and establish it as a full modern media which is able to carry any content. The motto of the festival is “Komiks unlimited” and every year the festival presents new books, exhibitions, films, theatre performances, autograph signings and discussions.

KomiksFEST! is organised by Labyrint Revue and Seqence z.s.
The festival was created in 2006 by Joachim Dvořák and Tomáš Hibi Matějíček (*1978 †2009).

The festival director

Petra Nováková (Seqence)
tel. 732 623 512

The executive director

Joachim Dvořák (Labyrint)
tel. 603 246 404, 224 922 422

Graphics, design, web

Eva Nečasová
tel. 777 570 836

PR, event manager

Vojtěch Čepelák
tel. 737 348 420

Production team

Ondřej Kavalír
Vojtěch Čepelák
Radana Litošová
Eva Nečasová
Jan Samohejl


Jan Samohejl (Seqence)
tel. 605 557 272


Petr Flíček
Eva Nečasová
Lukáš Krása


Lukáš Krása
Šárka Procházková
David Wünsche
Kristýna Onderková
Vojtěch Karen

Year 2015


The “visual look” of the 10th year of KomiksFEST! has been created by the comics artist and illustrator Berliac. Apart from publishing several graphic novels, he cooperates with The New York Times and Vice Magazine. He will also be one of the guests of this year’s KF!


The 10th year of the international festival KomiksFEST! will be held in Prague from 21st to 25th October 2015. As every year, new names, comic books, exhibitions, films, theatre performances, workshops, book signings and talk shows will be presented. This international event shows comics as a young, dynamic, attractive and universal media which is able to carry any meaning. The motto of the festival is Comics Unlimited!.

KomiksFEST! 2015 will start in MeetFactory on Wednesday 21st October with an exhibition called „15 000 years of sameless“ by DAN PERJOVSKY (Romania) & MATĚJ SMETANA (curator Jaro Varga), and with a group exhibition of the most distinctive home artists of the last two decades THE COURAGEOUS SEVEN (curator Adrian Kukal), which will take place in a new gallery space ART POINT.
One of the main guests of KomiksFEST! 2015 is JOAKIM PIRINEN, a key figure of Swedish alternative comics, who established comics in the 1980s as a medium reaching out to the general public. Among others, there is a recognised illustrator and author of comics ALESSANDRO SANNA from Italy (who will present a Czech issue of his opus “River”), BERLIAC, an Argentinean author living in Berlin, who is also the creator of this year´s festival´s visual, a Norwegian artist LENE ASK, JAMES STAFFORD from Great Britain, the head of the Belgian museum of comics strips WILLEM DE GRAEVE, and authors from Portugal, Germany and Latin America. The festival will take place at 10 different locations around Prague. Besides other things, it will present an exhibition of a comics series ČEŠI (CZECHS) , and a distinctive new creative wave from the contemporary scene GENERACE 2.0 – NOVÝ ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ KOMIKS (GENERATION 2.0 – NEW CZECHOSLOVAK COMICS), whose work will be on display in the New Town City Hall.

The traditional highlight of the festival will be “Comics Saturday” in MeetFactory on Saturday 24th October. The children´s KomiksFEST! (in collaboration with the publishing house Albatros) will be organised on Saturday morning, while the main festival programme will take place on Saturday afternoon and evening. As a part of the festival, R.A.W. Art Battle will be held (in collaboration with the illustration studio DRAWetc.), and 11 categories of the Muriel prize will be handed out. The head of this year´s jury is a graphic designer PETR KREJZEK.
An extensive KomiksFEST! 2015 catalogue will be issued. Further details about the programme and names of all guests will be made public at the beginning of October.